History: USA 1910-1929#

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The Sacco and Vanzetti Case

·         Two Italian labourers, Nicola Sacco and Bartolemo Vanzetti were arrested and charged for the murder of Fred Permenter (the paymaster of a factory in South Brasintree, Massachusetts)

·         They were anarchists

·         They were immigrants

·         The trial began in May 1921 and lasted 45 days

The Evidence against Sacco and Vanzetti:

·         Sacco and Vanzetti were carrying guns on the day they were arrested.

·         Forensic evidence matched the pistol that killed the guard with the one carried by Sacco, nonetheless some believe that the evidence was rigged.

·         Vanzetti refused to take stand at the trial.

·         Both told lies in their statements to the police.

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