History: USA 1910-1929.

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Why there was opposition to further immigration

        The US became involved in the First World War, hostility to Germans grew alarmingly

·         When immigrants moved to America they usually moved to places where people from the own countries were – ghettos developed

·         People thought that ‘new’ immigrants would come and take their jobs, working for very low wages

·         Immigrants were thought to be responsible for the increase in crime, drunkenness and prostitution

·         Fear of further entanglements with European affairs after the WWI – they wanted the USA to isolate themselves from events in Europe

·         More established immigrant groups such as Irish and German Americans tended to look down on the more recent immigrants from Eastern Europe and Italy

·         The ideal citizens in the 1920’s for Americans were – WASP’s – White, Anglo-Saxon and Protestants

·         Americans feared that immigrants would bring dangerous political beliefs especially communism(Extreme left wing - share wealth, everyone equal, Gov. owns everything, Dictatorship)

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