History: USA 1910-1929[

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Attitudes towards black Americans and Racial Minor

·         Between 1915 & 1922 more than 430 black Americans were lynched

·         When America experienced the ‘economic boom’ coloured people did not benefit and were paid low wages and had to pay high rent

·         During the 19th century the US government introduced laws to force Native Americans to live like the white man         

       Segregation: Is the separation of different skin coloured people

Lynching: Put a person to death by hanging without a legal trial

Jim Crow Laws: A series of laws which brought about segregation and discrimination against black Americans in the southern states of the USA

The Great Migration: Movement of farm workers in the USA in the 1930’s

KKK (Ku Klux Klan): W.A.S.P’s who were extremists aiming to terrorising black people

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