History: USA 1910-1929

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Push and Pull Factors

  •  Between 1850 – 1914, 40 million people emigrated to the USA, most of these were 'New Immigrants'
  •  For most the journey was hard and consisted of two weeks in the cheapest class of travel with little or no privacy
  •  There was also no guarantee that you would be allowed in
  •  By 1910 many in the USA began to oppose the mass immigration

Open Door Policy: A policy which encouraged mass immigration up to 1920’s (this made entry into the country as easy as possible).

Push Factors: Reasons why people would want to leave their country    

Pull Factors: Reasons why people would want to stay in a certain country

‘Old’ Immigrants: An old immigrant is a person who immigrated to the USA and was most likely to be a W.A.S.P (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant)

‘New’ Immigrants: A new immigrant is someone who immigrated later between 1880-1900 who mostly were from Eastern and Southern Europe

Ellis Island: Ellis Island is an island in New Jersey where immigrants would go before they were allowed to enter the USA, if they were refused they would be sent back home

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