History Unit 1

The Origins of World War One

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Alliance System

Tripple Alliance (1882)

  • Made up of Germany, Austro-Hungary & Italy
  • Defensive alliance
  • Also Called Central Powers

Franco-Russian Alliance (1893)

  • France & Russia
  • France emerged from Isolation
  • Strange Alliance, Autocratic Saar and Republic of France

Two Armed Camps appeared in Europe with France and Russia surrounding Gremany, this increased tension despite the fact the alliances were defnesive. Britain was the only major European power without an Ally.

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Splendid Isolation & Entante Cordiale

Splendid Isolation

  • Britain wasnt interested in European Affairs in the early 1900's.
  • Britain was an Island & Colonial power that relied on its Navy for protection.
  • Her most likely Ally was Germany, until she began to build up her navy...

Entante Cordiale (1903-04)

  • Britain could see why Germany needed a Navy and was becoming worried.
  • Britain & France settled their difference and made a 'friendly agreement'.
  • The Tripple Entante appeared after the Anglo-Russian Agreement (1907)

Even though the Entante was only an agreement to solve Eygyption Colonial problems Germany saw it as Britain joining France and the Kaiser was intent on challenging the Cordiale.

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Morocan Crisis


  • Morocco was one of the few independant states in Africa.
  • France & Germany both wanted control of Morocco.
  • Kaiser rode through Morocco on a white horse announcing he supported an independant Morocco.
  • International conference called, France got control of the Moroccan police.


  • Kaiser humiliated and less likely to back down in future.
  • Entante Cordiale strngthened, Britian and France secret Military talks.
  • Britian seemed more interested in Europe.
  • Russia has supported Britain and the Anglo-Russian Agreement was signed.
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Second Moroccan Crisis (Agadir)


  • In 1911 a rebellion occurred in Fez against the ruling Sultan.
  • French asked to go in and put down the rebellion.
  • The Kaiser sent a gunboat 'The Panther' to the port of.
  • France Gained Morocco and Germany were given a ***** of the Congo.


  • Germany again humiliated, less likely to back down in future.
  • German public was beginning to support idea of war.
  • Britain became convinced Germany wanted to dominate Europe.
  • Britain & France reached a secret naval agreement.
  • Italy opposed Germany, weakened the Triple alliance.
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Anglo-German Naval Race & Arms Race

Naval Race

  • HMS Dreadnought launched by Britain in 1906, superior to other battleships.
  • Germany now thought it could challenge Britain's navy.
  • Caused Tension Between Germany & Britain.

Arms Race

  • Both alliances saw the other as an indirect attack at them.
  • they feared the other countries and began the re-arm.
  • As one country re-armed others had to compete casuing the arms race.

Neither the Naval or arms race caused war, but they made the powers more likely to attack if an important even occurred.

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Bosnian Crisis


  • Serbia wanted to create a large slav state, Austro-Hungary feared this.
  • Revolution in Turkey, A-H took advantage and annexed Bosnia.
  • Angered Serbia who appealed to Russia for help & called a conference.
  • The kaiser told Russia to back down who were to weak to face Germany.


  • Austro-Hugary felt it had German support which gave her confidence
  • Italy against Austro-Hungary weakening the tripple alliance futher.
  • Russia humiliated, lead the military improvements.
  • Britian, France & Russia becamse closer, all hates Germany.
  • Serbia determined to oppose Austro-Hungary.
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Second Bosnian Crisis

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Black Hand & Assassination Of Arch Duke Ferdinand

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Events Leading to War

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Schlieffen Plan

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on slide 2 you wrote 'Britain could see why Germany..'

britain COULDN'T see why.

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