History- Tudor Treaties

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The Treaty of Redon

The Treaty of Redon was in 1489. England promised to assist Birttany in defying French ambitions and sent 3000 troops paid for by Anne of Brittany.

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Treaty of Etaples

The Treaty of Etaples was in 1492 and told that the French would pay £5000 per year, Charles VIII would support no imposters and Henry would withdraw English Troops

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Treaty of Cambrai

The Treaty of Cambrai was in 1506. It was signed between France and Italy and was a military alliance against Venice, part of the Italian Wars.

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Treaty of Dordrecht

The Treaty of Dordrecht was in 1489. Maximilian agreed to send troops to Brittany to help Henry resist French expansion. Henry would send 3000 troops to assist MAx who was besieged by French and Flemish troops.

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Treaty of Windsor

The Treaty of Windsor was in 1504. It was secret and said that Henry would improve trading agreements of the Intercursus Magnus. Philip ensured Suffolk was handed over as long as Henry guaranteed his life.

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Treaty of Medina del Campo

The Treaty of Medina del Campo was in 1489. Agreed mutual support to defend the countries of England and Spain. Neither would agree peace or an alliance of a treaty with France without prior agreement of both parties. Neither would assist or harbour rebels or pretenders. Catherine of Aragon would marry Arthur of England.

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Truce of Ayton

The Truce of Ayton was in 1497. It established Anglo-Scottish relations for the rest of Henry VII's reign and became a formal peace treaty in 1502.

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Treaty of Blois

The Treaty of Blois was in 1505. It was signed between Ferdinand of Aragon and France, outlining how the following year Ferdinand would marry the niece of Louis XII.

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1514 Peace Treaty with France

This treaty had a number of clauses. England could keep Tournai, France undertook annual pension, Henry VIII agreed not to reclaim the title of 'King of France' and Princess Mary would marry Louis XII, King of France. Mary was only 18, whilst King Louis XII was 52 years old.

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Treaty of London

The Treaty of London was signed in 1518 and was also known as the Treaty of Universal Peace. All European countries except Islamic Turkey were invited to London (Russia was considered to be part of Asia at the time). The treaty hoped to bind the 20 leading states of Europe into peace with one another, and thus end warfare between the states of Europe. In October 1518 it was initiated between representatives from England and France. It was then ratified by other European nations and the Pope. The agreement established a defensive league based upon the following:

The terms committed states with an active foreign policy to not only commit to a stance of non-aggression, but also to promise to make war upon any state which broke the terms of the treaty. At the time, it was thought a triumph for Thomas Wolsey and allowed Henry VII to greatly increase his standing in European political circles, to the extent that England became seen as a third major power.

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