History - The Opposition to Collectivisation

A brief summary of some of the groups who were opposed to the policiy of collectivisation.

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Bukharin and the right-wing

  • This group were concerned that the collectivisation plan would lead to a return of war communism.
  • Worried about increases in violence, rural unrest, and shortages of food and rationing.
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The peasants

  • The peasants rebelled in the form of riots and armed reistance.
  • They also burned crops, tools and houses to prevent the state from taking them.
  • The animals taken to be used on these farms were recaptured.
  • Animals were slaughtered and eaten/sold to prevent them being used on collective farms.
  • 10 million peasants were driven off their land or killed.
  • Ukranian peasants were particularly hostile.
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  • Action by women proved very powerful.
  • Protests were carefully organised.
  • Their goal was to stop grain requisitioning.
  • Some of them also wanted to retrieve horses.
  • It was more difficult for the troops to take action against the protesting women than the men.
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