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Important Dates In Surgery

1799 - Laughing gas (nitrous oxide) discovered as an anaesthetic by Humphrey Davy.

1844 - Laughing gas used for the first time by Horace Wells.

1846 - Ether used for the first the first time in the USA.

1848 - Hannah Greener Died.

1853 - Queen Victoria uses chloroform to give birth to her 8th child.

1850 - Black Period infection bloodloss got worse.

1861 - Germ theory discovered by Louis Pasteur.

1865 -  Carbolic spray found by Joseph Lister.  

1878 - Chicken cholera vaccine made by Louis Pasteur.

1901 - For blood groups discovered by Karl Landenstenier.

1916 - A way of storing blood was developed.

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History Surgery (Pain Infection Bloodloss)


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