History- Ships & Seamen

Ships & Seamen

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What contribution did seafarers make to developmen

  • Skills gained in seamanshipto defeat the Armada
  • They helped the England become the greatest maval seapower by the end of Elizabeth's reign
  • Increased the countries wealth through spanish treasure ships: slave trade and trading sugar etc
  • Improved trade links to Americas, Europe and around the Mediterranean
  • Provided employment for sailors, trades, ships builders, textile workers, etc
  • Increased nation pride and increased security of the country
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Who was Sir Francis Drake?

  • Drake was a successful sailor who circummnavigated (sailed around) the world 1577-1580
  • He did it for fame and glory and to make a fortune. He also did it to revenge an attack by the spanish on Hawkin's ship in Mexican harbour.
  • Drake sailed with 5 ships including his own, the GOLDEN HIND. He faced a number of dangers on a route including mutiny. The ringleader a man named Doughty was excuted.
  • Drake retured with a fortune most of which went to Elizabeth but Drake was well rewarded and Knighted
  • Drake helped defeat the Armada in 1587
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Why did English men go on voyages of discovery?

  • It was a job in times of great unemployment.
  • They hoped to make a fortune.
  • Many sailors wanted personal glory, fame and adventure.
  • The belief they were spreading Christianity to the "savages" to make Britian a great country and to explore new lands.
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What Problems did sailors face?

  • Sea-sickness
  • Being away from home for long periods of time
  • Weather & storms-shipwreck
  • Pirates
  • Rotton foos or running out of food.
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Why were Voyages of explortion so important??

  • Wealth and trade
  • Power and glory
  • New colonies
  • Better knowledge of the world
  • Better navy
  • Improved nagigation
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