History Revsion Prohibition

Alcohol Ban 1920-1933

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  • Groups such as Anti-Saloon League who were often Christians believed that the use of alcohol was a sin.
  • Many people blamed alcohol for crime, violence, breakdown of marriages and sexual immorality.
  • 20th January 1920 the government agreed to the 18th Amendment to the US Constitution banned the manufacture, sale and consumption of alcohol.
  • The law reflected the countryside and cities because many people in cities such as New York and Chicago still wanted to drink and resented this attack in their personal freedom.   


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Organsied Crime

  • Some Americans produced their own alcohol called moonshine or bath-tub gin this was often damaging to their health
  • To meet the needs of Americans who still wanted to drink 'organied crime'set up an alternative an illegal industry producing and selling 'booze'  
  • 'Bootleggers'smuggled alcohol across the Canadian border or opened up secret breweries to make thier own drink
  • 'Speakeasies'were illegal bars which could be found in every town in the Country
  •  Gangsters like Al Capone and Bugs Moran ran rival gangs to control the Bootlegging, the avoid prosecution by bribing politicians and policemen.
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