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Treaty of Versailles and The League of Nations

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Results of Treaty of Versailles

What happened as a result of the Treaty of Versailles?

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Germany had to take all the blame for the War-- The war guilt clause.

Germany's armed forces were reduced to 100,000 men, only volunteers, without armoured vehicles, aircraft or submarines and only 6 warships.

German troops weren't allowed in the Rhineland -- the area was demilitarized.

Germany was forced to pay 6.6 billion in reparations -- payments for the damage caused.

Germany lost its empire -- areas around the world that used to belong to Germany were now called mandates and they were going to be run by the League of Nations.

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The Treaty of Versailles

Why did people think the Treaty was too harsh?

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the treaty of Versailles

Unfair to Germany- punishments were too severe.

The Germans were left weak and resentful--could lead to anger and could cause them to retalliate.

The treaty wouldn't help rebuild European trade and wealth--Germany couldn't afoord the reparations and many of the new countries were poor.

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