History Paper 2 American in transistion

key issue: In what ways did American society change between 1929 and 1990?

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The Presidents

1929 - 1933 - Herbet Hoover (Republican)

Took over from Calvin Coolidge - announced America near to ending poverty not long before wall street crash happend. Did little to help Depression - believing in laissez - Faire.

1933 - 1945 - FD Roosevelt (Democrat)

Elected four times, New Deal, involved USA in World War 2 died in office

1945 - 1953 Harry S Truman (Democrat)

Vice president of Roosevelt, tried to get rid of communism, try to rebuild eastern Europe to stop communism growing.

1953 - 1961 Dwight Eisenhower (Republican)


1961 - 1963 John F Kennedy (Democrat)

Youngest President assasinated in 1963 supported civil rights, New Frontier

1963 - 1969 Lyndon B Johnson (Democrat)

Great Society programme for America.

1969 - 1974 Richard Nixion (Republican)

Very anti-communist but endend cold war. Watergate Scandal forced him to resign.

1974 - 1977 Gerals Ford (Republican)

Took over after Nixion's resignation and carried on his policies.

1977 - 1981 James Jimmy Cater

Son of a peanut famer

1981 - 1989 Ronald Regan (Republican)

Former movie star and was very good at manipulating media. Ends Cold war by meeting with Soviet leader Gorbachev

1989 - 1993 George Bush (Republican)

Was Regan's vice president, Gulf War.

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