History Paper 2

How to answer the qestions for paper 2!

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'Cartoon' styled questions

  • Message of the cartoon.
  • What the cartoonist is showing through what they've drawn.
  • Background knowledge.
  • 12 lines-ish long.
  • Spend around 10-12 minutes on it.
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'How far?' style questions

  • Always mention BOTH sources.
  • Quote from BOTH sources to back it up.
  • Comment on the: tone, language, purpose and differences.


Exam tips:

1. Take eaxh source individually, work through the first source first.

2. Back up the answer with quotes from the source.

3. Then work through the sencond source and write about that, writing quotes.

4. Look at what the source is saying, related to the question.

5. Look for the tone and language used and the purpose.

6. Evaluate 'how far'.

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'How useful?' style questions

  • Level 1: Describe the poster.
  • Level 2: Valid references but no support.
  • Level 3: Valid references with support from the poster.
  • Level 4: Level 3 + purpose of the poster and imagery.
  • Level 5: Uses background knowledge.
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The last question

  • Includes all the sources.
  • Spend around 30 minutes on this question and 12 minutes on the other 5.
  • Always a statement.
  • Use all the sources.
  • Read the statement then take each source in turn and say if it supports the statement or not.
  • Back each one up by selecting references from the source, the author, when its was produced and background knowledge.
  • This get 10/12 marks
  • 12/12 marks is for including an evaluation of 2 or 3 of the sources.
  • Evaluation means: - How good are they?
  • - How reliable is it?
  • - Is it trustworthy?
  • - What does it tell me?
  • - How much does it tell me?
  • - Quality of the source?
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