history- origins of thw cold war



february 1945


  • stalin agreed to enter the war against japan
  • they agreed that germany would be split into four
  • berlin itself also ould be spli into four


  • the real dissagreement was about poland. stalin wanted the border of the USSR t ov westwards into poland
  • churchill did not aprove of stalins proposal for poland.
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july 1945


  • germany would be divided inot four sectors as agreed at yalta and the allies would recive reparations
  • polands boarder wold be moved west
  • nazi leaders were banned and triallled for war criminals
  • germans living in poland, czecholovakia and hunngary would be sent back to germany
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iron curtain speech

march 1946

in march 1946 churchill gave his famous iron curtain speech befor etruman at fulton, missouri. by this time there were communist governments in poland, albania, bulgaria, hungary and romania.

he used the phrase 'iron curtain' to describe the european boarder between the democracies of west and the communists contolled countries of the east.

he accused the USSR of being a agressive dictatorship and called for an alliance between britain and  the USA to keep it under control

it isnt an actual curtain it is an heavily armed boarder

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soviet expansionism

in the years folowig the secons ww stalin was determined that he would not be attacked through eastern eurpe again.

communist governments were established all across eatern europe , stalin gradually tightened his control on albania, poland, romania, hungay, czecholovakia and eatern germany

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truman doctrine


  • ppost war- civil war in greece between the communists and te monarchists
  • february 1947-  ritsih tell truman they can no longer afford ot keep their troops in greece
  • truman knew that britians withdrawal would mean soviet union taking cotrol of these two countries
  • he paid the british troops to stay in the area and gave financial support to the two governments


  • this was the beginnning of the american policy of containment.

politically: to stop communism nad to get countries on their side

economically: to get the good form different countries

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marshall plan

june 1847:

  • general george marhsall took a trip to europe
  • he came away form the trip thinking that europe wa so poor thta the whole of europe was going to trun communist.
  • both marshall and truman asked congress for $17 billion to fund european recovery plan,
  • at first congress hesistated but on 1948 when czecholosvakia turned communist
  • to help europe it wa goven in grants of food, water, grants to buy equipment, improvemnt to the transport system, and evrything else 'from medicine to mules'
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berlin blockade

berlin after 1945:

why wa sberlin so important after WW2

  • heart of nazi power
  • was the symbloic capital o germany and nazisism
  • had been a race for berlin st the end of the war USA Vs USSR
  • power and prestige- both USA and USSR wanted influence in berlin


after the blockade:

  • blockade was proof of stalins intentions to take over europe
  • wester allies set up NATO( nothern atlantic treaty organnization)
  • the warsaaw pact ( the soviet equivilent) was set up in 1955
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