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History Of Votes

  • 1430: Only owners of land worth over 40 shillings a year are elligible to vote in county elections.
  • 1542: Waled is now represented in parliment.
  • 1707: Scotland is now represented in parliment.
  • 1800: Ireland is now represened in parliment, Every adult (25) male head of a household was eligable to vote they paid local taxes or owned property. About one adult male in five could vote before the reform act of 1832.
  • 1832: The second reform act extends the franchise. Although this enables over two and a half million men to vote, it only applies to the boroughs.
  • 1872: The secret ballot is introduced. Before this, the entire community would be watching to see how people voted on polling day.
  • 1884: Over 50% of the adult male population can now vote. Most British men above the age of 21 are allowed to vote as long as they habe lived in the same place for a year.
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History Of Votes 2

  • 1918: The representation of the Act gives the vote to women over the age of 30. It also reduces the ime that voters must live in the same place from one year to six months. A bill is passed making women eligible to become members of parliment.
  • 1928: The equal franchise act lowers the voting age of women to 21.
  • 1969: The voting age for men and women is lowered to 18. This act takes effect from 1970. 
  • 2002: The voting age (Reduction to 16) bill is read in the House Of Lords.
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History Of Votes

United Nations Declaration of Human Rights:

Article 21-

Everyone has the right to take part in the govenment of their country or through freely chosen representatives.

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