the three most important points

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Britian in the 1930's ( why they didn't want to go

  • Hitler was producing a very strong army.
  • Hitler was planning to invade poland.
  • They agreed with the terms appeasement , which made hitler very powerful.
  • Appeasement is where they let hitler get away with what he wanted to stop him from going to war. so hilter was going agaisnt the treaty and with Britian and France supporting it there was nothing they could do.
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  • Hitler feared he wouldn't win the pelbiscite vote so he invaded on the 11th march 1938.
  • The austrian chancellor ( schuschnigg) said he would hold a plebsicite by asking the Austrian people if they wished to re-unite with Germany.
  • Hitler took advantage of the Leauge of Nations  as they new that they were supporting appeasment .
  • Hitler got away with remilitarising the rhineland, so he thought that he was easily going to get away with Anschluss.
  • Anchluss is the union of two german speaking countries, this had been forriben in the treaty of versailles.
  • Hitlers major amis and important step on the road to building a grossdeutschland.
  • Grossdeutschland is Hitlers idea of a great and powerful germany.
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Hitler going agaisnt the treaty of versaillles

  • Hitler remilitarisarion of the rhineland 1936. It was agaist the treaty for hitler to walk in a take it over and remilitarise it .
  • He was making allies which was agaist the treaty of versailles. He made a pact with Italy called the Rome-Berlin Axis this was just in case they were in trouble in the future and they need backup / help.
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