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Name - Hippocrates 

When he was alive - Greek time's

What he did - came up with the 4 humour's theory and made all doctors sign the hippocratic oath

How he did it - by observation and recording 

Factors - he was a very smart and individual person 

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Name - Galen

When - romans

What he did - the theory of opposites and he discovered that the brain controlled the body not the heart

How he did it - by dissecting pigs 

Factors - communication and individuality 

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Name - Vesalius

When - renaissance 

What he did - made a map of the body 

How he did it - dissecting body's (anatomy)

Factors - science 

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Name- Harvey

When - 1600

What he did - discovered that the heart pumped blood around the body

How he did it - anatomy

Factors - individuality

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Edward Jenner

Name - Edward Jenner

When - 1850

What he did - discovered how to stop small pox with cow pox

How he did it - by observing and recording

Factors - chance 

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Louis Pasteur

Name - Louis Pasteur

When - 1850

What he did - discovered germs

How he did it - working for a beer and wine company

Factors - individual 

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Robert Koch

Name - Robert Koch

When - 1860

What he did - made a vaccine for tuberculosis

How he did it - by just being a very smart person 

Factors - individuality 

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Nighting Gale


Name - Nighting Gale

When - 1600

What he did - cleaned the hospitals up in war 

How he did it - using common sense 

Factors - war 

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Mary Seacole


Name - Mary Seacole

When - 1850

What he did - helped soldiers on the battlefield 

How he did it - being brave

Factors - war

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John Snow


Name - John Snow 

When - 1832

What he did - cleaned the water up 

How he did it - by using observation and recording 

Factors - communication and individuality 

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Alexander Fleming


Name - Alexander Fleming 

When - 1923

What he did - discovered and made penicillin 

How he did it - left dishes out and found mould

Factors - chance and individuality 

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Florey and Chain


Name - Florey and chain 

When - 1937

What he did - made penicillin usable and mass produced it 

How he did it - they used Alexander Fleming's research and the money from the U.S government to do so 

Factors - war 

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Nightingale was a she by the way! She made nursing a more well known proffession too:)x



And you havent writen about James Simpson x

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