History League of Nations

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Corfu and french occupation of the ruhr


  • Mussolini occupied the island of cofru in 1923 after the murder of an italian diplomat.
  • He demanded financial conpensation and an apology.
  • The league demanded the money be given to them instead.
  • Mussolini overturned this and recieved the money and the apology. THIS MADE THE LEAGUE LOOK WEAK


  • Germany failed to keep up with the reperation payments.
  • France invaded and occupied the ruhr (industrail region) in germany in 1923.
  • The league didn't do anything
  • usa helped solve the situation with the dawes plan
  • france withdrew in 1925
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manchuria and abyssinia


  • japan controlled the machurian railway. in 1931 they used an excuse of a disturbance to send troops to invade the rest of manchuria.
  • they pretended to give them independence by giving them a weak leader that they could control.
  • LON send lord lytton to assess the situation. he produced the lytton report which said the japanese were wrong
  • the league did nothing lol
  • First major challenge for league; the whole world saw it fail to confront the japanese
  • Japan refused to accept the lytton report and left the league in 1933, japan continued to invade.
  • Hitler and mussolini saw these weaknesses in the league


  • mussollini turned italy into a dictatorship. (mussolini was on britain and fracnes side at the beginning (1930's))
  • reasons why... italians wanted revenge for a previous war, abyssinia was well positioned to add to their collection of countries, mussolini saw that japan got away with manchurian crisis so the LON weren't a big d
  • october 1935, mussolini sent troops to invade
  • abyssinian leader appealed to league for h.e.l.p
  • the league banned economic sanctions (restrictions upon international trade) but delayed banning oil exports because they were scared usa wouldn't support. 
  • they didn;t close the suez canal to itlalys ships so supplies got through anyway oops. 
  • may 1936, all of abyssinia was conquered.
  • the league looked inefective and their reputation was embarrasing. 
  • mussolini then became more confident and started making pacts with hitler. 

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