History - Hitler's Germany 2

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Hitler Gets to Power

Seats In The Reichstag

-Number of seats for the nazis increased from 1928-1930 because:

-There seemed no prospect of the of the depression coming to an end

-Nazis were good at running effective campaigns and making speeches to make people angry. SA beat up and killed opponents

-Wealthy industrialists gave Nazis a lot of money because they hoped Hitler would crush Communists so Nazis could then print posters

More Success for the Nazis

-April 1932 Hitler ran against Hindenburg for Presidency Hitler lost but did well (shows popularity had increased)

-July 1932 Nazis became the biggest single party in the Reichstag in the general election

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The Nazis and The Workers

-Hitler became popular with the industrial workers when he lowered the amount of unemployed

-These workers were important to Hitler because he needed good workers to create the industries that would help to make Germany great and establish a new German empire in Eastern Europe

-Propaganda was used to help this by praising the workers and trying to associate the workers with Hitler

-The "Strength through joy" gave workers cheap theatre tickets and cinema tickets and organised courses and trips and sports events. Workers were offered cut-price cruises on the latest luxury liners

-The Volkswagen Beetle helped thousands of workers to save money in a state scheme to buy the car. No workers ever received the car because all car production stopped by the war in 1939

The "Beauty of labour" scheme improved working conditions in factories. It introduced features not seen in many workplaces before, like washing facilities and low cost canteens.

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Education and Youth

-Young people were important to Hitler because if his dream of a Nazi empire lasting a thousand years was to come true, then the youth had to be converted into fanatical believers of Nazism so when older people died off you had a society of Nazis.

Youth Organisations:


-Served in organisations in which they practised camping and sports and were indoctrinated with Nazi ideas

-Last four years spent in Hitler youth which involved prep for military service


-Served in the league of German maidens, working on farms and in factories

-Hitler didn't think girls were as important to the Nazi state as boys

-Girls were encouraged to marry and have large families (the future Nazi armies)

Professors, Lecturers and Teachers:

-They all had to be believers in Nazism or they were dismissed

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The Nazis and The Jews

-Boycott of Jewish shops

-SA would stand outside and put pressure on Germans not to go in

-The national boycott was unpopular and lasted for one day but local boycotts continued

-Anti-Semitic Propaganda 1933-39

-Jewish pupils were humiliated in schools and then forced out completely

-Jews were forbidden to practise many professions e.g medicine or teaching

-Their jewels and radios were confiscated

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Hitler Gets to Power

Hitler Becomes Chancellor

-November 1932 Nazis lost seats in general election because depression had bottomed out and economic conditions were improving.

-Some Nazi voters believed that Hitler would never be allowed to become chancellor so became disheartened

-January 1933 Von Papen who was jealous of current Chancellor Schleicher did a deal with Hitler, and persuaded Hindenburg to make Hitler chancellor on the basis that Papen would control him

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The Nazis and The Workers - Problems

There were problems with these:

-Workers lost the main political party SPD

-Workers lost their trade unions

-All workers had to join the DAF ( General Labour Front) run Dr Robert Ley

-Low wages

-Poor standard of living

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Education and Youth


-Rewritten to fit Nazi ideas

-Religion was strictly forbidden

Bonfires of Books:

-There were bonfires of anti-Nazi books in Berlin and other cities

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The Nazis and The Jews

-Two Nuremburg Laws 1935:

1) Reich Citizen act: "No Jew can be a reich citizen. The right to vote is not extended to him and he may not be appointed to any office of state."

2) Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honour: "Marriages or sexual relations between Jews and citizens of German or Kindred blood are hereby forbidden."

-Kristallnacht 1938:

-Following the assassination of German diplomat in Paris by a Jew, the windows of Jewish shops, homes and synagogues were smashed. There was much looting and destruction.

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