History - Germany Weimar


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  • War expected to be over by Christmas - Took 4 years
  • Germans expected to win the war
  • As it went on they began to suffer
  • British placed a naval blockade around Germans
  • People hated the Kaiser (King). He left and ran away
  • A Republic was set up but the war caused starvation and fuel shortages.
  • Poorness = Communism
  • Communists in Germany called Spartacists
  • They fought the Nationalists called the Freikorps (ex-soliders who hated comm.)
  • 1919 - Civil War
  • President Ebert called Freikorps to help
  • Germany still weak and divided. A flu epidencic hit Germany.
  • Seemed weak Government over the Kaiser
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New Government = Weimar Republic

Country Ruined

When they signed the TOV people hated them more

The Nationalists were branded November Criminals as they signed the TOV in Nov.

Violence high!

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When they could not meet the reparations (6600 million)

The Ruhr was invaded by France

They started to print more money to try and pay these
However the cost just kept going up and up

Fixed Income (Professionals) and people will savings lost out
People with loans benefited

Stressemen the new Chancellor burnt the old currency and introduced the rentenmark
Dawes Plans

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Munich Putsch

Hitler the leader of NSDAP tried to take control of the country when it was worse

They tried to take over it by arresting local chief - marhc on the town hall and then onto Berlin to over take it.

Failed and 16 Nazis died trying to escape - Hitler nearly died

Hitler realised he must gained votes and get elected in properally

Sent to Prison with some of ahis best members - Wrote Mein Kampf

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