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To understand the effects of World War 1 on Germany

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Germany after World War 1

How did the war affect people in Germany?

1) Food shortages
2) Rationing
3) Very little meat
4) Clothes shortage
5) Lack of power
6) Lack of electricity had to use candles
7) Rationing gas
8) Disease
9) Shortage of medicine

The Germans were unhappy with their government because they were promised power, land and all good things. Things turned out the opposite to this they had food shortages, rationing, very little meat, lack of light, gas and medicine and alot of disease. People blamed the government for making them enter the war.

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Germany After World War 1

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The Spartacist Revolt

To know how the spartacists reacted to the situation in Germany in 1918.

The spartacists wanted to be ruled by the working class

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The Spartacist Revolt

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