History Germany 1918 - 1945

What Germany Was Like Under Nazi Rule. What they did, when they did it, revision.

What was the impact on the first world war on Germ

The treaty of versailles:

- Germany had to take the blame for starting the war

- They had to pay 66 Billion ounds worth of reperation damage.

- They were forbiden to have an air/naval force, thier army was limited to 100,000 men.

- Germany lost all the land that was taken in the war and all the land that wasnt rightfully theirs.

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What attracted some people to support the nazi par

because some of the nazi ideas were what the german people wanted! For example: Educated Children, Remove jews, srong central government, abolish treaty of versailles, destroy weinmar government etc.

the nazis wanted to befcome the overall leaders in germany and they wanted to be the only political paty around.

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Why did the weimar Government face an economic cri

- Reperation payments led to the german economy being devalued.

- the french invaded the ruhr

- German workers went on strike

- the governtment (weinmar republic) printed off more paper money.


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