History GCSE-International Relations/Cold War

Revisions cards for all the key dates and events between 1943 and 1991

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What year was the Tehran conference?

Which leaders attended the Tehran conference?

What were the key decisions made at the conference?

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Percentages Deal

Who made the percentages deal?

In what year was it made?

What was the result of the deal?

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In what year was the Yalta conference?

Which leaders attended the Yalta conference?

What were the main decisions of the conference?

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What year was the Potsdam conference?

Which leaders attended the Potsdam conference?

What main decisions were made at the conference?

What important even occurred during the conference?

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What year was Cominform introduced?

What was the purpose of Cominform?

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Truman Doctrine

What year was the Truman Doctrine made?

What did the Truman Doctrine state?

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Marshall Aid

In what year was Marshall Aid created?

What was the purpose of Marshall Aid?

How did this project effect relations internationally?

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Berlin Airlift

What years were the Berlin Airlift?

What caused the Airlift?

What happened during the Airlift?

What were the results of the Airlift?

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What year was NATO formed?

What were the results of NATO?

What 2 things  happened in the same year as NATO relevant to the relations between superpowers?

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What 2 things occured in 1953 which would have a major impact on relations?

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Warsaw Pact

What year was the Warsaw Pact created?

Why was the Pact created?

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What were the key features of the Hungarian Uprising?

In what year did the Uprising take place?   

What were the results of the Uprising?                                                      

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What happened in this year to create major tensions?

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Who was elected in this year?

What happened in Berlin in this year?

What did the Americans organise for this year?

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Cuban Missilles Crisis

What years did the Crisis take place in?

What ended the Crisis?

What were the short and long term effects?

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What did the US government do in this year to increase popularity?

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What occurred in 1968 to change relations?

What Doctrine was made in this year?

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What year was SALT 1 agreed?

What did SALT 1 include?

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What events occured during Detente to show improved relations?

What years was Detente?

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What year was the Helsinki agreement?

What agreements were made?

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What happened in these years to end Detente?

What was the result of this event?

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Carter Doctrine

What year was the Doctrine made?

What did the Doctrine say?















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What 2 events occurred to change the relationship?

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Star Wars

What year was Star Wars created?

What actually was the Star Wars plan?

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What year did he come to power?

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What changes did Gorbachev introduce in the USSR?

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Summit Conferences

How many Summit Conferences were there?

Where were they?

What were the results of each Conference?

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What relating to weapons happened in this year?

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What years was START?

What did START involve?

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What important event happened in the USSR in this year?

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What 2 important events happened in this year?

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What did Gorbachev do in this year?

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What year was Comecon created?

What was it's purpose?

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Kennan's Long Telegram

What did the Long Telegram say?

what were its effects?

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What happened in this year to cause issues between the 2 superpowers?

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