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The Treaty of Versailles

Great Britain, America and France were the three most powerful allies and they wanted to exert their influence upon the treaty.

Lloyd George UK.
Clemenceau FRANCE
Woodrow Wilson USA

The Treaty of Versailles had many terms that Germany had to follow;
1. The War Guilt Clause - this meant that they had to accept total responsibility for starting the First World War.
2. £6,600 in reperations.
3. Germany had to give up land.
4. There were also restrictions in the german army. No airforce, or submarines.
5. An Allied army was to occupy the Rhineland for a period of fifteen years.

The germans hated the treaty, especially the guilt clause - to them the war had been a matter of self defence.

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The 'Stab in the Back' Myth

When the terms of the Treay first became known the German government refused to sign it, and resigned. It was a hopeless gesture. The allies made it clear, if the germans did not sign they would resume the war. A new goverment was formed which did agree to sign the Treaty.

The Treaty of Versailles greatly weekend the new government. A powerful myth developed whcih said the army had been "stabbed in the back" by weak politicians. Right-wingers who looked fondly on the pre-war days when Germany was powerful were happy to blame the new democratic government for making peace. The treaty became a symbol of Germanys humiliation and defeat.

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