History Domestic Issues - KQ1 - LG's Coalition

KQ1 - Focusing on the failure of the coalition 

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KQ1 - LG's Coalition 1918-22

Coupon Election - December 14th 1918
Coalition won. Only 133 seats supported LG; other cabinet members were conservatives. LG reliant on them.
Failure To Please Conservatives 
High Government Spending - Addison's Housing Act
Chamberlain didn't get on with LG 
LG was reliant on the Conservatives.                   
Conservatives didn't occupy ministerial positions - angry      
No real need for a coalition 

Foreign Affairs - ireland and Chanak
Ireland - Southern Ireland was granted home rule;  LG would have lost their support. Redmond told this was temporary and Carson it was permanent - Redmond broke off negotiations when he found out.

Chanak - LG sent reinforcements in September 1922, Conservatives etc thought LG was a fool as ww1 had just ended. 
Failure to Please the Working Class
Geddes Axe - many cuts made
Extension of Franchise - many voted Conservative
Sankey - bad for miners 
'Land Fit For Heroes' - failure
Carlton Club
The final straw
Bonar law and Baldwin spoke against LG  
Conservatives voted 187 - 87 to abandon LG 

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