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The old poor law was based on the ideas of outdoor relief which is were instead of going to a workhouse you simperly got wage top ups and if you had no job you would get an amount of money. However, there were workhouses for the old and disabled people. There was also the speenhamland system which based it all on the price of bread and was payed by the parish who got there money of land and property owners.

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Poor law.

The poor law was based on the ideas of outdoor relief which is were if you had a jon that the wage was under an acseptable level you would get relief from the local parish who got there money from middle-rich class people who own property.There was also a common system used because there was slightly diffrent systems and amounts of money that where given out in each parish. The common system was the speenhamland system which is were all relief given was based on the price of bread. There was also the settlement act which ment that the parish was only legally forced to give you relief if you lived in the parish you were born. There was also workhouses but they were mainly for the old and disabled rather than the able-bodied people.


-People didnt have to suffer the later cruel workhouses and could stay with there familys ext...

-People didnt starve.


-people became dependant on the system and lazy because they knew the parish would top them up on wages.

-demorilising because often people where dependant and got trapt on the system because they were only on enough just to support there familys, however if they moved they risked getting no job or relief from a diffrent parish

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