History, Causes of the Cold War

Potsdam and Yalta

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The Yalta conference.


  • When? - February 1945.
  • The big three were Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill.
  • The big three, agreed to split Germany into four zones of occupation.
  • They also agreed to allow free elections in Eastern European countries.
  • Russia was invited to join the united nations.
  • Russia promised to join the war against Japan when Germany was defeated.
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The Potsdam Conference.


  • When? - July 1945.
  • Germany had been defeated.
  • Roosevelt had died.
  • Churchill had lost the 1945 election, so there were open disagreements.
  • Truman was angry about the size of reparations, and that there was a communist government being set up in Poland.
  • Truman did not tell Stalin that he had the atomic bomb.
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