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Oliver cromwell

Who were the puritans and what were there beliefs?

The purtains were strict protestants who thought that the church of england was too like the catholic church.They wanted a religion that was purer and simpler and which did not need bishops to run it. They believed in a disciplined life of worship and showed their serious approach to religion through their attension to bible reading and prayer, their simple dress and their efforts to lead a ' godly' life free of sin

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Why did many people feel as though their lifes had

Partly because they had to be/Pretend to be puritans.

and a lot of things had changed because of new parliament since the civil war

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who were the levelers?

A group who wanted to alter the way the country was government thought they were dangerous.

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what happened when oliver Cromwell died?

his son richard took over however he left the job soon after, chales got asked to come back as king his first order was to get oliver body and show it around the world.

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Who was oliver cromwell?

Purtain, potictal leader and english miltery. He was ruler of england during 1599- 1658.
His army was call New Model Army 

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why did so many people believe in witches and witc

people were confused about what was happening to their world
Printing press made up stories and tales as there was a big market for mysteries and horrors, witches were very popular 

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What were the characteristics of a witch/

]A old wrinkly woman, a furrowed brow, a hairy lip, a spuint eye, a squeaking voice or scoldingg tongue, having a ragged coat on her back and  own her own and lived in a little village, she would have eirther a black dog or cat.

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Who was Mattew Hopkins and what did he do?

He was a witch finder 100-200 woman were excuted, kept them awake for days until they would confess or ran up and down till they were exhausted.He lived in essexs. he earned £1000 in his eighteen month career.he often striped them naked to find a devil mark.Or he did the water test either way they died.In the end people thought he was a witch.Then he just dissapeared.

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why did belief in the witches begin to die away in

People understood much more about science even ordinary people
Many machines were invented during this period.People see that there was no magic.
There were few plagues.
Religon was more moderate and reasonable
There were no civil wars. 

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What were the causes of the civil war?

Cromwell was furious with charles rufusal to give into parliament's demands.Cromwell wanted to get rid of the chief minsters. cromwell decided to form an army to fight the kings forces.Before no army existed.

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there nicknames?

The royalists were called Cavaliers and the parliamentarians were called roundheads

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why was Charles defeated

Parliment chose very good commanders.
They had lots of money.
Navy supported parliemnt which made it easier to get men and supples from abroad.
Royalists put a young inexperienced in command.
Ran out of money 

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