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What was the labour majority?


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Labours Majority in 1945


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Why did labour win the 1945 election?

1. The attitude of the public at the time was towards post war reconstruction, this is what labour was focusing upon in their campaign

2. Labour was also seen most likely to implement the beveridge report which was popular at the time, this report would tackle the 5 giants

3. Labour also gained the trust of the nation from the war, However conservatives were still associated with the 1930's which was known as the devils decade,  they promised homes fit for heroes after world war 1 but nothing came about!

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Why did the conservatives not win the 1945 electio

The conservatives did not take advantage of the public attitude at the time, the speeches they did were full of to flowery key terms which the public did not understand 2. They also relied too much upon churchill and for his leadership during the war to hope that the conservatives would win the election because of this, because of this they lacked in campainging and relied to much upon churchill 3. Churchill compared labour to gestapo 4. Conservatives were very unstructured and un organised, not held confrences during war, unlike labour which mean they did not understand the public situatuin at the time.

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