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Why were there wars between Lancastrians and Yorkists?

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Issues between the Lancastrians and Yorkists

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Both had legitimate claims

The Yorkists didn't feel Henry was a good King

Richard, Duke of York, alienated


Act of Accord

Margaret Anjou

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Mental collapse

Protector Richard of York saw opportunity to become King - had a legit claim to the throne

Act of Accord (Richard would become King only when Henry died)

Henry's "son" born (Prince Ed)

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1460 - Henry's Capture

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Yorkists defeat Lancastrians

Captured Henry (locked in Tower)

York claimed throne but was rejected - Henry was not dead

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Reinstating in 1461

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Towton 1461 defeated by the Yorkists

Richard's son, Edward IV, proclaimed King

Henry and Marge exiled to bonny Scotland

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Briefly restored to power (Warwick used him as a puppet king)

Warwick sides with EdIV instead and battle of Tewkesbury occurs:

  • Edward, PoWales is killed
  • Henry VI is murdered the day after in the Tower of London
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