History Anti-Semitism

Revision cards for anti-semitism. 

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Part 1

  • There was a long tradition of hotility towards the Jews. 
  • Hitler's hatred stemmed from his time in Vienna. 
  • Rejected from the academy of Arts, he luved like a tramp from 1900 to 1913. 
  • The Nazi party published the 25 point programme in 1920 - George Strasser and Gottfeder. 
  • Point 4 stated - 'none but members of the nation may be citizens of the state...no Jews therefore may be a member of hte Nation' 
  • 1921 - Hitler established the SA to attack the Jews. 
  • Hitler blammed the Jews for the first world war, the treaty of versailles and the hyperinflantion of 1923. 
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Part 2

  • The nazis wanted to creat a 'Volksgemeinschaft' = people's nation. 
  • The Day of Potsdam ( 1933) and the berlin Olympics (19330 were used to creatre and bolster the image of the Nazis. 
  • The ideal race - blonde haired, blue eyed - women had broad hips for childbearing and men, athletic and invovled in politics and war. 
  • 1935, marriage of Aryans to Jews etc. was banned. 
  •  Protestant Churches were easier to contorl then Cathlic church because the Prot Church were traditionally nationalist and had conservative parities during weimar. 
  • july 1933, a concordant agreement was made where the parties agreed to not interfere with each other. 
  • 1935, 700 Prussain protestant pastors were arrested for condeming nazi neo-pragnism.
  • 1936, chirch groups were disbanned and hitler youth was compulsory - 1939, church schools had disappeared. 
  • Hitler demanded the complete unification of all German - speaking people in defiance of the Versailles treaty.   
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Part 3

  • jan 1930. the brownshirts attacked and killed 8 Jews. 
  • the nazi party said that the 'natural hostility of the peasants against the Jews must be worked up into a frenzy' 
  •  1930, the nazis won 107 seats in the Reichstag
  • 1932, in an interview, Hermann Goering declared that Nazis must defend themselves against the Jews by expelling Jews in  Germany of Eastern European descent. 
  • July 1932, Goebbels wrote an article in the newspaper Der Angriff.  
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Part 4

  • 1929, the number of people jobless=1.3 million 1932=5.1 million
  • 1928-1932 elections, nazi vote = 800,000 to 13,700,000. 
  • 6 million Germans unemployed in 1932 less than 2 million received unemployment help. 850,000 received nothing.  
  • Jewish people were involved in the media, banking etc.  
  • A high amount of early Bolshevik leaders were jewish from the event sin Barvia in 1918-19  
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