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There were several problems with the Weimar republic when it was set up:

  • the electoral system caused proportional representation in the reichstag, which leads to weak coallition governments.
  • They do not have the support they would wish for because of signing the armastice agreement. Many soldiers felt they had been stabbed in the back

the prominent Party were the social Demcrats led by Ebert

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Threats to Weimar

There were several smaller parties which formed in the depression after World War One.

  • On the left there were the Spartacists, lead by Karl Liebnicht and Rosa Luxemberg.- This was put down by the Freikorps
  • On the Right: The Kapp Putsch- Wolfgang Kapp- Supported by ex soldiers who supported stab in the back theory. - put down by a workers strike.
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Economic Problems

1921 Reparations were set to £6600million

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