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Manchurian Crisis 1931-1933

Why did Japan want it?      Japan was suffering because of the Wall Street Crash and had an increasing population as                                                       well as poverty. Everyone wanted a sure market for Japanese good and space, which Manchuria                                                  would provide.

How did this lead to the crisis? Japan said there was an explosion at the Mukdem railway station. This lead to them going into                                                Manchuria to 'restore order' as they said it was Chinene sabotage. 

Who won?Japan quickly the Chinene. 

What did the league do?        The league set up the Lytton Commition which issued it's report one year later. It started that                                                 Manchuria should be an independent state as the Chinene had a chaotic rule over Manchuria but                                             the Japanese invasion was condemned.Japan decided to leave the league in 1933 by which   time it had taken over the whole of Manchuria.

What were the effects of the Manchurian Crisis?    It showed the league was weak as moral condemnation didn't have and                                                                                effects. Also many countries were suffering with the economic depression and they didn't want international problems and they didn't want to distrupt trades. The nearest country to Japan was the USSRbut it wasn't in the league, and the other countries didn't want to travel to the other side of the world , they  also didn't want to risk their armies. 

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Bosnian Crisis 1908-09

What were the leading up the crisis?The Ottoman Empire (Turkey) was breaking up. 

How did this lead to the Crisis?

Serbia, one of the leading Balkan countries,wanted to unite all slavs under its leadership but Austria-Hungary also wanted to build up it's empire. It announce it would annex (take over) Bosnia. Bosnia mainly inhabited Slavs, which Serbia wanted. This lead to the crisis as Serbia wanted Bosnia but Austria-Hungary thought that if the Slavic states united Serbia other races of people would want to become independent, this would lead to the brek up of the Astro-Hungarian Empire. So war broke out.

What were the effects of the crisis?        

 This was one of the key moments in time which lead to the first world war as it left countries unsteady. Serbia wanted revenge, Austria-Hungary's relations between the Balkans was permanetly damages and it left the whole of Europe feeling unsteady. 



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