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This is about how to answer the questions in a USA 1945-70 source paper and it is also about the red scare and McCarthy.

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How would you answar an inference question?

Firstly, you would tease out the real meaning of the source. I would start with this sources suggests.....Then write two inferences and support them with quotes or evidence from the source. Lastly I would write an overall statement about the source which both inferences support.

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What is nature, origin and purpose?

Nature, origin and purpose is basically, when, where, who, what and why. When was the source produced, an example could be 1948. Where was it produced, in America, was it made under controlled conditions where free speech wasnt allowed, so the view could be forced and incorrect? Who produced the source, a leader? A public figure? How could this add unreliability to the source? What is the source? A newspaper article, which could have been emphasised? A picture which would tell the truth? Lastly why was it produced? To persuade someone? So may it have been a lie, or emphasised?

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How would you answar a source analysis question?

For this question I would write two paragraphs, the first, talking about the message from the source. Find the message and write it down, then back it up with evidence from the source and your contextual knowledge, explaining how you know this. Then, for the second paragraph write about the purpose of the source, find the purpose, write it down then back it up with evidnece from the source and you contextual knowledge, explaining how you know this.

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How would you answar a cross referencing question?

Firstly, I would state which sources agree with each other and which dont agree with each other. Then I would say why using the NOP (Nature, Origin and Purpose) and evidence from the source of the contents. Then explain how far they disagree or agree.

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How would you answar a source utility/ reliability

On this question, I would do three paragraphs, the first being about how the contents are useful and the limitations from the contents. For the first part I would write about how useful the contents are using evidence from the source, then for the second part I would write about the limitations of the contents from the source, which parts of the topic can we not find in the source? Then for the second paragraph I would say how useful the NOP (Nature, Origin and Purpose) is, what examples of the NOP of the source makes it reliable?  Then I would write about the limitations of the NOP, which parts of the NOP can we not find from the source? And which bits of evidence of the NOP makes it unreliable? Lastly for the last paragraph I would come to the conclusion on how reliable the source actually is, takinng into account the limitations and usefulness.

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How would you answar a hypothesis question?

For this question I would write four paragraphs, the first as an introduction, saying what the view is suggesting and how I am going to answar the question. Then the second paragraph will be about which sources agree with the view and I would back these up with evidence from the source and say how reliable each source is using the NOP and contents. The third paragraph with be exactly the same, but I will talk about which sources disagree with the view. Lastly the fourth paragraph will be the conclusion, I would start it off with Overall..... and then I would say based on the sources judgements and how reliable they are I disagree/ agree with the view and then I would explain why a little.

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Why were Americans afraid of communism between 194

  • They were so scared because;
  • 1. They thought it went against the ideas of the American dream, so it may threaten their way of life.
  • 2. It was spreading so much throughout Europe and people were scared it would spread to America- Czechoslovakia became communist under the influence of the Soviet Union (1948) and between 1948 and 1949, berlin blockade happened, where Russia blocked off access to Berlin which showed Stalin was preparing for war with America. In 1949, China became communist and Russia developed their first atomic bomb, leaving them on the same foot as America.
  • 3. Activities worried the States such as HUAC (house of unamerican activities committee) this was where they inspected the film industry, education and the govenment, to find suspected communists and because of this, in 1947, ten writers and directors were sent to jail for a year ( the hollywood ten).
  • The Alger Hiss trial also worried everyone because he was a govenment official which was charged with being a communist and was jailed for five years.
  • The Rosenburgs case also scared people, this was where a couple (Ethel and Juluis Rosenburg) were accused of handing atomic bomb secrets to the soviet union and so they were executed in 1953.
  • This was the fear of communism, it was called the red scare and people were terrified of people becoming communist and turn America communist, the phrase 'better dead than red' became very well known.
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Who was Senator Joe McCarthy and how was he involv

He was an ambitious politician who was the chairman of HUAC and he had a lot of power in washington. He was strongly against communism and he accused many people of being communists.He claimed that he had a list of 205 communists which were working for the govenment, however these names were never revealed. He appeared on tv and on the radio as a very good and convincing speaker, he didnt have much evidence but was able to play on the publics fears to persuade them to be against communism. Many poiliticians at the time did not like him but they didnt reveal their opinion because they were too scared that McCarthy would accuse them of being a communist. He accused people and got them into trouble, infact he never had any evidence on these people and he managed to get 400 people sent to prison, many people lost their jobs, many political people on the left (communist) were named 'un-American' and America's reputation of being free was severely damged/

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