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Murder at the alter

Thomas Becket was murdered at the alter on the 29th December 1170. At that time there was 3 or 4 other Knights. The sword snapped in 1/2 when they killed Becket. It was a very quick death. Thomas Becket was to powerful, that was why the king ordered the Knights to kill him, only because Becket couldn't loose his job as the priest because that has to be approved by the pope, and the pope would never go through with it, so he was murdered.

I think that the Knights wanted to kill Thomas Becket because; 1. He was way to powerful, he thought he could over take the king. 2. You couldn't sack him, the pope had to and he wouldn't sack him.

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The Black Death

The plague came to England on ships from Europe. The Black Death was carried by fleas on black rats. At the time people did not know how to stop the plague from spreading.


Possible cause 1; The Jewish people. Possible cause 2; Came from ships from Europe via fleas on black rats. Possible cause 3; God had scent the plague.

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The Magna- Carta

King John began his reign in 1199. The previous king of England was called Richard. They felt he interfered to much, John had an argument with the pope, and John raised very high taxes to pay for war. The options were to over throw him or make him do what they want. They were very scared they would go to hell. They put together an army and scent it to occupy London. He couldn't do it without the support of the barrons, so he had to negotiate with them, he signed the charter. He got him. King John died in 1216. His successor was his 9 year old son Henry. William Marshel helped Henry the successor.

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