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Reformation; Why?




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Reformation; Martin luther

  • Born in Wittenburg
  • Nails Ninety five theses to door of church
  • Pope leo X send papal bull
  • Luther is excommunicated
  • He is helped by Fredrick the Wise
  • Charles V holds Diet of Worms
  • Luther hides in Wartburg Castle
  • There he translates the bible into the vernacular
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Reformation; John Calvin

  • From france
  • Creates Geneva (city of god)
  • Strict rules
  • Preddestination
  • Pastors preached
  • Deacons acted as doctors
  • Elderrs enforced rules
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Reformation; The counter reformation

  • Council of trent
    • Catholics decide to keep teachings, remove abuses
  • The jesuits
    • Set uo my Ignatious Loyala, trains priests like military
  • The court of Inquisition
    • Killed anyone believed to be protestant in Spain and Italy
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