1867 - Fenian outrages

  • three fenians rescued two leading fenians from a prison van, one british officer killed.
  • Fenians blew up clarkenwell prison to rescue leading Fenians, innocent lives lost. 















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Irish church act (1868)

  • Disestablishment

broke down link between the irish church and the state

  • disendownment

disposing the property and money of the church of Ireland

£10 million went to members of the church to pay for pensions

£13 million went to catholics, help stop poverty

the bill passed through both the houses of commons and lords

resolved religious problems in Ireland 

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First land act (1870)

  • Ulster custom

Tennants could not be evicted as lon as they paid their rents, could sell any improvements they made to the incoming tenant

  • Eviction

when people were evicted they were compensated for any improvements made, even if they were evicted for any other reason than non paid rent

  • Land purchase

tenants looking to buy a property would get 2/3 of the money from the government

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Universities bill (1873)

Meant that catholics and protestants would be able to go to the same university

Professors were not happy as they didnt want to teach controversial subjects such as history and theology

catholics unhappy as they wouldnt recieve any financial help from the state

Bill defeated in house of commons in march 1873, Gladstaone resigned

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Home rule league (1870)

founded by Isaac ****

gradually gained support once Gladstone got rejected

campaigned for home rule for Ireland

1877 parnell become leader of the home rule party

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