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Fear of communism

  • Red scare - the fear of communism spreading in to the US by immagrants for the eastern Europe.
  • The enemy within - Truman believed their were spys i the US - 1952
  • The FBI - Anti-communists investigated people in the government employees to seek communist members
  • The Hollywood Ten - Ten writers put in prison for not answering the question 'have you ever been part of the communist part?'
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Hiss and Rosenburgs

Agler Hiss

  • Hiss was a spy, worked in the supreme court judge, was interigated by Nixon and their was evidence of copied documents to prove he was. Hiss was scentenced tp 5 years - 1950


  • Married couple, acuused of being spys and givin the soviets important US documents, arrested and tried guilty and executed in 1953
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McCarty accused people pf being communist, but when he started acusing the president and army, his claims were unfound. He lost his chairmanship of the state

Effects of McCarthism:

  • Climateof fear
  • Anyone seeng political change was seen as communist
  • Hatred of communism never died away
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NAACP (National Associastion for the Advancement of Coloured People)

  • Founded in 1909 by leadingblack intellectuals, to ensure the political educational, social and economic equality of rights of all person, and eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination
  • 50,000 in 1940 to 450,000 by 1945.

CORE (Congress of Racial Equality)

  • Founded in 1942 by James Farmer, young black activists inspired by non-activist tactics.
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The Jim Crow Laws

  • To segregrate blacks from whites, If facilities were equal then segregation was constitutional.

Brown vs Sopea Board of education - 1954

  • Some areas became un segregrated, however the KKK re-emerged. 300,000 black children attended a segregrated school

Little Rock high school - 1957

  • It was a demonstration that civil rights was an issue that can be no longe inored. it was seen on tv and newspapers, many saw the racial hatred.
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Montgomery Bus Boycott


  • Claudette Colvin and Rossa Parks refused to give up their seats on the bus - 1955.
  • The NAACP encouraged others to boycott, 20000 people got involved


  • Sit wherever on buses
  • Showed solidarity could win
  • NAACP made lega case
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