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Jenna- development

How did Jenna make his development:

Government- gave him £30,000 to continue his research & open a clinic

Individual genius- he came up with the theory of vaccination

science & technology- he did lots of experiments & used medical instruments

communication- he recorded his experiments & published his findings

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Some people believed that if you had the vaccination you would become cow-like (even though it was a super-natural belief, people still thought it could happen)

People thought it was silly having cowpox injected into you

People may have been scared- so refused it

Unless the upperclass had the vaccination & thought it was worth it, no one else would have it

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Opposition to vaccination

Inoculaters attacked vaccination> it threatened their livlyhood ( they would be out of work)

Jenna wasn't a fashionable London doctor> turned London doctors against him> Royal society refused to publish his findings

Clegy claimed vaccination was 'against nature'> some said smallpox was a punishment from God (S.N)> the only cure was to lead a pure life

Jenna didn't explain vac> people didn't accept it> they apposed to compulsry vac.> the government had no right to interfere with their children> poor couldn't pay the fine> most opposition came from the poor

by 1893, 33% of children were still not vaccinated

many vaccinators weren't qualified or trained> they cut too deep in the skin making cuts bleed

some vaccination didn't work because people weren't as careful and Jenna> the vaccination could be contaminated or the needle un-clean

people had distaste> they said vaccination introduced a beasts disease into a human> inoculation used human disease

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