HISTORY - Why did people participate in the 3rd crusade?



  • The Pope issued a papal bull to ask people to go on crusade
  • Many influential people preached across the countries
  • Joscius of Tyre preached in France 
  • Full remission of all confessed sins
  • Those who died on campaign were promised eternal life
  • Goods & families would be under the protection of the Church
  • Many people wanted to recover the true cross
  • Saladin was named as the Devil
  • The Latin Franks should amend their sins from not repenting after the loss of Edessa
  • They must please God by engaging with the enemy in battle
  • Objective = Jerusalem due to it being captured by Saladin -> increased religious zeal
  • Ultimate aim - end up at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
  • Religious zeal is shown by how Frederick Barbarossa organises and leads his army 
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  • People who went on crusade would be free from debt and insurance claims on their land and possible lawsuits whilst on crusade
  • Guy has lost Jerusalem to Saladin -> now Guy has no cities to his name whereas Conrad of Montferrat has Tyre
  • Possible motive? = land and booty
  • Conrad (and many knights and nobles, especially those who were landless younger sons) possibly motivated by the kingship of Jerusalem or other land grab titles
  • Conrad forcefully married to Isabella (sister of Baldwin IV) so that he can have a claim to the throne. Guy's claim decreases as all of his daughters and Sybilla die of a disease
  • SALADIN TITHE -> Richard of Lionheart and Philip II. Any knight who won't join them must pay 10% towards moveable goods towards the crusade
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Feudal ties and family connections

  • 80,000 people followed Frederick Barbarossa
  • Some people may have gone because of family history (e.g. the Angevin Empire)
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  • Philip II and Richard Lionheart took the cross at the same time and planned to travel together so neither could take the other's land
  • Expansion of political control over people who are not your vassals but fight for you and you pay them (Henry II's main motive)
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