Pevensey key points



Immediately built on arrival to protect army
Robertof mortain strengthened in 1080s
Repaired outer roman walls
Was involved to protect rebels
Rufus besieged mortain there for supporting curthose
Defend vulnerable harbour
1101 henry I stayed for summer incase of curthose attack
Walls from roman 3rd century fort - nine coastal forts called Saxon shore

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Controlled movement of people and trade, built near transport routes
Castle guarded harbour and river entrance
1086, pevensey made -
£4 a year in tolls
£5 a year from salt works
£3 a year from burgesses tax
£1 from burgesses mint

By 1086 over 100 burgesses
Administer Norman estates
Organised roles
Produce brought to them
Attract trade/craftsmen
Economic hubs
Borough existed per-conquest making £1 a year for edward

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Propaganda value
Huge constructions
Forced labour
Land cleared of English homes -Lincoln seventh of town flattened
Here to stay
Land around castle seized from English and granted to loyal supporters
Divided into 5 rapes with castle in each
Lords not always loyal
1101 Roberts son, William of mortain had castle removed from Henry I
Project a message of continuity
Alongside existing forts like Winchester castle in roman walls
Colchester castle on old roman temple of claudius
Pevensey in walls of Romans and strengthened

English dependent of normans

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