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When did the Munich Putsch take place?

1923, Beer Hall.

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What were the successes of the Munich Putsch?

  • The Juge liked him
  • Reporters across Germany were there
  • Hitler got  light sentence
  • His prison was very cushy
  • Hitler had time to write Mein Kampf
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What were the failures of the Munich Putsch?

  • Ludendorff was late
  • Ludendorff aloowed the ministers to go and see their wives
  • The SA came under heavy gun fire
  • Hitler had very little support to begin with
  • Hitler was arrested and trialed for treason
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Why had the Nazis failed to get into power by 1928

  • Hitler had failed to win over the working class
  • The Weimar Republic was going through the Golden Age
  • People were put off by Nazi etreme views.
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When was the wall street crash?

October 24th 1929

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What were the effects of the Wall Street Crash?

  • People started to turn to extemeist parties
  • Mass unemployment
  • Poverty
  • Business closed
  • Government appears incompetent
  • Cannot trade abroad because every country is suffering
  • Working and middle class largely effected
  • Loss of confidence in German goods
  • Hyperinflation
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Hitler's own actions that helped him become Chance

  • Leadership
  • Organisation
  • Promises
  • Propaganda
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