History - Crime and punishment

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Highway Robbery

Highway Robbery = Stopping a coach and robbing the passengers

1. They were greatly feard.

2. The governmentvsaw them as a major disruption to trade.

3. Highway robbery grew as certain changes created opportunities for robbers.

4. Highway robbery decreased just as quickly as it grew.

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Poaching = The illegal hunting of animals.

1. Landowners with land worth more than £100 a year could hunt.

2. The 1723 Waltham Black Act made huntin deer, hare or rabbits a capital crime.

3. Poachers were regarded as a threat to landowners.

4. It was believed that the law favoured rich landowners. 

5. Poaching provided food for the pot and supplemented low wages.

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1.  Between 1645 and 1647, there were many cases of witchcraft in East Anglia. 

2. Matthew Hopkins was a man known as the Witchfinder Generald because he could spot witches.

3. In times of proverty, the poor asked their neighbours for help more often.

4. The neighbours felt threatened by such demands. 

5. Most people believed that harmful magic could injure or even kill others. Poor vunerable women, usually elderly, were blamed for illness or accident stuck.

6. During the middle ages, witchcraft was dealt with by the church however after Henry VIII, Elizabeth and James I the laws were tightened which meant it was punishable by death.

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The Tolpuddle Martyrs

Martyr = Someone who makes a sacrifice and suffers for his or her beliefs.

1. Six farm labourers in Doset, Tolpuddle led by George Loveless.

2. Their wages had been cut several times and they struggled to support their families.

3. In 1833, after another cut the men set up a union, the Friendly Society of Agricultural Labourers (FSAL) 

4. Each man was blindfolded and swore an oath of secrecy and support for the union.

5. They were arrested.

6. They were sentenced to 7 years transportation to Australia.

7. In March 1836, the government granted each man a pardon. It was another 2 years before they could return.

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