History & Origin of Massage


History & Origin of Massage

Earliest known reference to massage - 2700BC 

The West was introduced to massage during the Greek empire. Hippocrates explained it as 'rubbing' which loosened and softened muscles. 

Between 1450 and 1600, massage therapy reached Europe and medical schools. 

Today's massage therapists practise to aim to help others heal their physical and emotional well - being. 

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History & Origin of Massage


Roman medical physician

Used massage to treat diseases and injuries. He contributed to the knowledge of anatomy & physiology. 

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History & Origin of Massage

Ambroise Para 

French Doctor 

Used massage to treat stiff and injured joints

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History & Origin of Massage

Pehr Henrick Ling

Swedish Gymnast 

During the 19th Century, swedish massage was developed from techniques used in swedish gymnastics. Ling has often mistakenly been credited for having invented swedish massage. 

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History & Origin of Massage

Dr Mathoa Roth

A former student of Ling 

During the 1840s, he introduced massage therapy to Britian and in 1856 the two Taylor brothers introduced massage therapy to the U.S.

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History & Origin of Massage

Johan Georg Mezger

A Dutch massage practioner 

Introduced the phrase Swedish massage and applied the French terms to name the five classical massage tecniques. 

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History & Origin of Massage

INDIAN             >>    Ayurveda      >> The science of life. 

ARABIC            >>    Mass             >> To press softly.

GREEK             >>    Massien        >> To knead.

FRENCH           >>    Masser         >> Friction or kneading.

PORTUGESE   >>    Aammaser    >> To knead. 

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History & Origin of Massage

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