History A-Level: Paupers and Pauperism

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Elizabethan Poor Law: 1601

  • Provided relief to the poor and needy.
  • Parish Officials set the poor rate.
  • In the 19th century the poor law was seen as failing due to the mobile population.
  • Napoleonic Wars - poor law was criticised due to the emergency measures used during the war.
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Reliance on the Parish


  • Showed greater snesitivity to the poor.
  • Disitinguished between the poor and not poor.


  • Created diversity.
  • Overseers didn't want to help the poor, because they didn't want to pay taxes.
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Types of poor people

Deserving Poor - These were the people who deserved to have poor relief, beucase they were poor due to no fault of their own. E.G. Children, old and the sick.

Undeserving Poor - THese were the people who didn't deserve poor relief, becuase they were poor due to their own immoral acts. E.G. Prostitutes and alcoholics.

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