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the tudors

in 1845

henry tudor beat king richard  III at battle of bosworth

henry tudor then married elizabeth of york to stop fighting between lancaster and york

his biggest promblem when he was king was stopping the barons rebelling

henry used the court of star chamber to get rid of any barons rebeling

henry tudor was a good king cause he got money for england and stopped the fighting between the yorks and lancasters

lady jane grey was queeen for 9 days

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the church

some catholics felt that the priest werent comited to their jobs


  • they spent more money on them selves than the church
  • priests and bishops had wives and children, even though they took a vowl celibracy, (no kids or wives)
  • people had to pay the priests for burials or writtng wills
  • if someone was making death bed confessions and it was a long walk from the chuch the preist would not go
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martin luther

martin luther was a german preist, who thought that we shouldfolow the bible not the pope.

he complained about the money that the church got (indulgences) in his 95 theses

the pope didn't like martin luther beacuse:

  • he said your didnt need to pay for your sins, (so the pope lost money)
  • the printing press had just been inventing and luther was writting lots of stuff about catholics and the pope, which the pope didnt like, ( bad stuff)
  • luther's books were burnt and henry VIII wrote a condemning (kicked out the curch)  letter to luther
  • the pope then gave henry VIII the title defender of the faith becasue he was so pleased
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henry VIII

henry's wives

  1. Catherine of Aragon (divorced, mother of Mary I)
  2. Anne Boleyn (executed, mother of Elizabeth I)
  3. Jane Seymour (died days after giving birth to Edward VI)
  4. Anne of Cleves (divorced)
  5. Catherine Howard (executed)
  6. Catherine Parr (widowed)
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henry VIII and the church

henry was fed up of cathrine of aragon and wanted a new wife casue she didnt have a boy,but in the chatholic church you had to have reason to divorce which henry hadn't.

so henry made himself head of the church of england ad gave himself the divorce.

most of the munks in england didnt eant henry to be head of the church, so he closed down the monestries, ( called dissolution of the monasteries) ,

henry got lots of money from this becasue the mounerstries were rich.

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after henry had died his son edwad VI came to the throne he was a protastant

  • edward(protastant)
  • lady jane grey (protestant) made to be queen by Sir John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, who made ldy jane grey marry his son, so she could become queeen and england would stay proestant
  • mary I, bloody mary (catholic) exceuted, lady kane grey and northumberland
  • elizabeth I (portastant)

mary I

mary was not happy that the country was protastant and changed it back to catholic, she burnt many protastants, which gave her the title blooody mary, but did she deserve it? (loook in book)

elizabeth I

was protestant, but instead of making a big row about protestant and cathlic, she let people be who they wanted to, she cahnged a few of the church services to the protestant way.(look in book)

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sapnish armada, what went wrong?

england won the armada beause:

  • the spanish were running out of gunpowder and the right size cannon balls fro the cannons
  • the weather was bad for the spanish, and lots of the ships got ship wrecked
  • the english fire ships burnt down a lot of ships
  • look for more in book
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The Gunpowder Plot

Conspiracy theories

Some historians question whether some aspects of the story are true:

  • No half-dug tunnel has ever been found.

  • Only the government could sell gunpowder – so how did a Catholic get 36 barrels of it?

  • How did James realise from one obscure phrase in the Monteagle letter that the plotters were going to blow up Parliament?

  • Why was there a 9-day delay between Monteagle's letter and the search which captured Fawkes?

  • Why, when they knew they were discovered, did the plotters not run away?

  • Why were Catesby and Percy killed so quickly?

  • Evidence got by torture is unreliable

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the gunpowder plot-1605

the reason the gunpowder plot started was becuase when james I (a stuart) got on  the throne he made the catholic priest leave and replaced him with his friend.

other Catholics  joined the  plot to kill James. One of them was Guy Fawkes, his fake name was john johnson.

Catholics to join a plot to kill James. One of them was Guy Fawkes. The group planned to blow up the House of Lords when King James came to open Parliament on 5 November. At first they tried to dig a tunnel from a nearby house. When this failed, one of the plotters – Thomas Percy – rented a cellar underneath the House of Lords. Fawkes bought 36 barrels of gunpowder

On 26 October 1605, ten days before Parliament was due to meet, Lord Monteagle got an anonymous letter warning him not to go.4 November: Fawkes was caught red-handed with the gunpowder.

8 November. The other plotters were chased to Holbeche House in Staffordshire, where Catesby and Percy were killed by te same bullet. Francis Tresham, Lord Monteagle's brother-in-law, was arrested and sent to the Tower. He died there.

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