Hindu gods

Information on main gods in Hinduism for GCSE.

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Brahma - the creator

  • the first god in the Hindu trimurti
  • creator of the universe
  • least worshipped of the trimurti

He traditionally has four heads, four arms and a beard. His wife is Saraswati - the goddess of knowlegde.

Symbolism he is presented with:

  • the lotus - nature and living essence
  • the crown - supreme authority
  • the swan - grace and discernment
  • the beard - wisdom and the eternal process of creation
  • four hands - back right = mind
  • - back left = intellect
  • -front right = ego
  • - front left = self-confidence
  • the rosary - substances used in the process of creation
  • the book - knowledge
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Brahman - the one supreme god

He has been described as:

  • one
  • real
  • essence
  • absolute

Brahman is everywhere and in everything even though you can't see him.

Brhamn is found in the essence of the universe and the soul of a person.

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Vishnu - the preserver

  • Second god in the trimurti
  • protector of the universe/the preserver

Generally has blue skin, four arms with four hands all holding different objects.

Is said to come down to earth in many different forms/reincarnations.

There are many thousands of temples dedicated to Vishnu all over India.

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Shiva - the destroyer/lord of the dance

  • third god in the Hindu trimurti
  • role is to destory the universe in order to recreate it
  • rids the world of imprefections
  • creates opportunity for new creations
  • seen as a source of both good and evil

Has four arms:

  • Lower right: offers protection and blessings
  • Lower left: points to uplifted left foot with symbolises releases and salvation
  • Two upper arms hold a small drum which controls the rhythm of creation

Is seen to dance in a circle of fire - this symbolises the universe having no beginning or end.

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Parvati - goddess of love and devotion

  • consort of Shiva
  • has two sons - one being Ganesh
  • goddess of love and devotion
  • often portrayed as fair and beautiful
  • inspires women
  • has gold skin
  • women often worship he to gain motherly powers
  • seen as motherly god
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Saraswati - goddess of knowledge

  • goddess of learning, knowledge and wisdom
  • consort of Lord Brahma
  • plays music of love and life
  • wears white clothing to symbolise purity
  • daughter of Lord Shiva
  • has four hands: mind, intellect, alertness and ego
  • Is seen to be sat of a lotus flower - this symbolises rooted to supreme reality and extremely knowledgable
  • the essence of self
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Lakshima - goddess of wealth and purity

  • wife of Vishnu
  • October is her special month
  • Friday is the best day to worship her
  • seen to be holding a lotus flower. This symbolises beauty, purity and fertility
  • has four arms
  • sister of Saraswati
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Durga and Ganesh


  • names means distant
  • eight of tens hands - eight quandrants or ten directions in Hinduism
  • a conch shell is her weapon
  • has three eyes


  • maker of happiness
  • remover of miseries
  • grace extends love to us
  • patront of good luck
  • reresents auspiciousness
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