Himalayan balsam

case study for allaien invade plant  in the uk 

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what is it

  • annual flowering plant.
  • flowering between  June and October
  • flower are hat shaped 
  • normal grow to 1-2 meter high 
  • the flower are pink 
  • It is illegal to grow in the wild in the uk 
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were is it from

  • from the Himalyan. hence the name
  • human Introudction rusulted it being  present in the Northen Hemispher. 
  • it normal found near an aduncdance of moisuter. 
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what damage dose it do.

  • spreads quickly and form dense thickets. 
  • the seeds spread quickly, leading to large area geeting covred fast 
  • they proudces a lot of pollen which reudce the pollination of native plants. 
  • move up stream up  due to exploding seed pods. 
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how are they trying to eradicate it

  • revome it before seed set in. 
  • if it got shallow roots it can be pulled out. 
  • if seeds are present you have to burn it to kill the seeds. 
  • if the above  is done regular it should  die our within 2-3 years 
  • trimming of a large area can stop and prevent flowering, 
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