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Heroes, Heroism, what to include

I apolygise, the title says characters. I couldn't change it. 

Heroes Themes 


In your exam you should mention the following- 

-Give an opinion about Who the real heroes in the novel, are Larry and Francis real heroes or are they fake heroes?

-Who are the real heroes in the novel? Is Arthur Rivier the only real hero? 

-Lasalle is a hero to the kids at the Wreck Centre.

-When the kids at the wreck centre think Francis beat Larry in the table tennis match, he becomes a hero to them. 

-Mention the scrapbook kept by the old 'strangler' at the St.Judes Club.

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-Also, talk about how unlike Larry when Francis returns from war he wants to remain anonymous. He doesn't see himself as a really hero.

-Make sure you mention Francis confessing to Larry at the end that he fell on the grenade because he wanted to die, not out of heroism.

-Talk about the scene where Arthur is slumped in the alley way because he is haunted by the war. He tells Francis that 'We weren't heroes. We were only there'.

-Don't forget to mention Francis's view at the end of the novel. He admits tha they are all heroes because they stayed and fought and didn't run away. 

-When Francis meets Nicole at the end of the novel she tells him to write about what a hero really is. This suggests the answer to te question is in the book. 

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Personally I believe that Nicole indeed the Hero in this novella due to the facts that she overcame a huge obstacle that ruined her emotionally and mentally. 

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