Henry's financial policy

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Henry and Financial policy

what systems were in place to collect money?

  • first used the exchequer (only managed to get £11,700 compared to Richards £25,000) here he learned that he needed to keep a closer eye on the finances in order to  make the most of his revenue. he gradually began using the Chamber system instead where he had much more control over revenue.

who did Henry put in charge of finances?

  •  treasurer if chamber (VERY IMPORTANT ROLE) was filled by sir Thomas Lovell and Sir John Heron - most trusted servants only could do this.

what changes did Henry make?

  • the exchequer lost ita role in accounting for revenue from crown lands
  • chamber was used instead, commitee in charge known as THE COURT OF GENERAL SURVEYORS
  • Henry went to great effort to appoint adminastors who would ensure efficiency among ordniary revenue and extrodinary revenue 
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